Extra Gum Origami Commercial

In Advertising, we mostly see ads that make us feel a certain way. Captain Morgan commercials, along with many other alcohol ones, make us feel daring and adventurous. Clothing ads make us want to look sexy and fun. Food ads usually make us hungry or laugh. It takes a lot of thought in designing a […]

Be Happy.

I once heard a tale called “The Happy Man’s Shirt.” The fast paced version is that a very rich and powerful king’s son is depressed. The king tries super hard to figure out why but the son says he doesn’t even know why he’s depressed. He just knows he is unhappy. The king is completely […]

Vday = S.A.D. aka Socially Acceptable Drinking Day

Well its the beginning of February and people (women) only have one thought on their minds. Its Valentine’s Day and personally, I don’t know what everyone is so upset about. Valentine’s Day is a day that for me, should be filled with hope. It’s the one day that men think they better start doing something. […]

Haaaaaave you met me?

A·lys·sa Rose [uh-lis-uh] [rohz] noun Definition of Alyssa Rose: an extremely average girl who is trying to make a life that is extraordinary. When my mother had me in mind, the doctors told her I was a boy. It was apparently hard to distinguish gender with two babies in one uterus. I am an identical twin. […]