Violence in the Media: Shovel Girl

Ok for the record, I am actually not happy with sharing this video because it disgusts me but I figured if anyone reads this and doesn’t know what I am talking about they will know.

This is the full video of “Shovel Girl,” a girl that gets into a school yard fight over a boy and the fight ends with her getting hit with a shovel. Friends gather to video tape the fight that is horrible. One girl gets hit repeatedly in the face and cries. To be honest, I don’t blame the shovel.

This fight went viral and even the Washington Post is laughing about it.

: BREAKING: Huzlers is reporting “The Shovel Girl” Miranda Lockwood has died.” my last name isn’t even Lockwood u fuck heads

Even CNN tweeted this about the death of Shovel Girl Hoax: The girl retweeted it. Not only has she become a pointless celebrity but what is this saying to people? This is what fame is. Two girls fighting over a boy and its praised. Both of them were punished for the fight but “shovel girl” is a celebrity for fighting. CNN and the Washington Post are only two media sources I saw. There were many more and this happened a couple months ago. Violence is awarded in the media.


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