To Catch a Predator

In this show, Chris Hansen pretends to be underage children on the internet to catch predators that are grown men that are seeking sexual relations with children. In the show, he publicly exposes them. This gets in to two issues: the right thing and privacy.

The weird question to ask is if predators who are seeking to sexually molest children get a right to privacy on the internet. Chris Hansen would say no.


I’m doing this show to expose people for what they really are. If someone murders another person privately, an investigation would still take place. My privacy is still in tact in saying that I get the right to be a fake child over the internet just as much as they get to be a predator. Does internet privacy justify their crimes?

People tell me that it is illegal to have people on camera that do not consent to being on camera and I just tell them that it is illegal for men to molest children without parental consent. That usually shuts them up nicely.

Its almost like no matter what people tell me about my show, that my argument will always win. Are they really trying to justify this crime to me?

Other people think it is wrong for me to profit from this, that crime isn’t something to make into entertainment but I ask them what the news today is. How can people tell me that this isn’t newsworthy? How? It creates awareness. Just because I have exposed only a handful of predators doesn’t mean this isn’t out there. The fact that I still have a show says that this is still a problem and growing. Protect your kids from the dangers of the internet! These people are out there and the cops don’t get every one.


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