To Catch a Predator

In this show, Chris Hansen pretends to be underage children on the internet to catch predators that are grown men that are seeking sexual relations with children. In the show, he publicly exposes them. This gets in to two issues: the right thing and privacy. The weird question to ask is if predators who are […]


Gil Scott-Heron sings that “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” The film suggests that might not be the case, as do recent revolutions in the Middle East. Comment on how you think the media can strengthen or weaken a revolutionary message or cause. The thing that first came to my mind was CNN and their […]

Ethical News Values

For news, there is a basic book of guidelines they follow that ensures they have written a well-rounded news story, but most have never read it. They probably skimmed a couple pages to get the gist of it. Among these guidelines are a list of words or qualities that define the news. We’ve heard them […]