What Is Truth?

This popular question is often never answered. When we talk about truth, we use it to define right, just, and many other things. When the dictionary defines truth is says, “in accordance with fact or reality.” In the same way, truth is often used to reference these things. To be true, I believe is where your body and mind are sound with whatever decision or thing you hear in your life. Staying true can refer to many things. There are things that we hold as undeniably true such as the sky being blue or the fact that all people will die. But there is also a thing about being true to yourself. 

What I have found to be true is that people are moody people. They not only adapt to change but they also change daily. What was true to you 5 years ago is not true to you know. In this way, the definition of truth changes daily. At the end of the day, its up to you to decide. 

In our book Media Ethics: Issues and Cases it says,”The ideal of truth  is problematic. We often consider truth a stable commodity: it doesn’t change much for us on a day-to-day basis, nor does it vary greatly among members of a community.”

For me, truth is something that you think will always remain the same. But as we change and learn new things, we find out that truth changes too. 


“Telling the truth therefore is not solely a matter of moral character, it is also a matter of correct appreciation of real situations and of serious reflection upon them. Telling the truth, therefore, is something which must be learnt.”

I always have a problem in believing everything. When my mom says something, I believe it. I believe things that say it is healthier to eat 6 small meals a day. But then a new tabloid will say that 3 big meals a day is better. We decide our own truths by what we learn.


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