Extra Gum Origami Commercial

In Advertising, we mostly see ads that make us feel a certain way. Captain Morgan commercials, along with many other alcohol ones, make us feel daring and adventurous. Clothing ads make us want to look sexy and fun. Food ads usually make us hungry or laugh. It takes a lot of thought in designing a […]

The Story

  Shot by Richard Drew   Shot by Pulitzer-Prize winner, Stanley Forman These two photos are stomach-turning images of people falling to their deaths in two scenarios in the United States. The Falling Man was a man falling to his death from the World Trade Center on the September 11 terrorist attacks. The second image […]

What Is Truth?

This popular question is often never answered. When we talk about truth, we use it to define right, just, and many other things. When the dictionary defines truth is says, “in accordance with fact or reality.” In the same way, truth is often used to reference these things. To be true, I believe is where […]

Pointing North?

In Ethics class, we were asked who influenced our moral compass. Our book’s author said that his moral compass came from his parents who taught him right from wrong and to believe in Jesus Christ. Society has a way of influencing our moral compass as well by sticking true to fundamental values such as murder, […]