Is Sexual Assault a Major?

Diane Rehm’s talk show covered the idea that University’s fail or have failed to help victims in sexual assault cases. She has a survivor, Laura Dunn, come on the air and discuss her story and her process of reporting trying to get her case justified. She then tells us that this process took years and it left her unsatisfied. Harvard Law Professor Diane Rosenfeld discusses the idea of Title 9 that took effect in 2011 that are a set list of guidelines that all Universities have in order to attempt to prevent sexual assualt and to gain justice in a case where it happens.


Coming from experience, this has not taken effect. At my old school, one of my friends was drugged and raped on campus. After being unsure of her feelings of whether it happened or not, she decided that it wasn’t her fault and that she wanted to report. The man who assaulted her was a member of the University Football team. The police and campus told her that it was her fault due to her taking an alcoholic beverage and there was nothing they could do about it. The football player got away scott free and her report along with her name went in the school paper. His name was never mentioned. Not only did she ask they leave out her name and got it published anyway, no precautions were taken to ensure that she wouldn’t have to be around him. These things are situations that the Title 9 guidelines are supposed to prevent. This was happened to my friend of the year 2011-2012. 


Sexual assault is a rising problem on campuses and women feel worse when they report rather than if they had. Reputations get ruined especially if the accused have a great reputation with the school. My friend never got justice and she left the school because she saw him everyday. Women go through horrible processes that still haven’t given them justice whether they talk or not. Women stand together to talk about their experiences and their rights get supported by groups but the Universities won’t change. 


I felt this radio spot was a horrible idea. Daniel Rappaport, Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator and Diane Rosenfeld, Harvard Law Professor, both talk like this is just a Public Relations opportunity to show that their campus fixed all the problems dealing with sexual assault and yet people still go through it with no consequences given out. One caller said that these rules and “changes” haven’t changed a thing. They leave everything in the Administrator’s hands and they are only concerned with keeping face. I feel like Sexual Assault is pushed aside as a group of girls complaining about being “whores.” People don’t take it seriously unless they are directly involved. I felt like this broadcast did nothing to help the situation. 


This broadcast does show that steps continue to be taken, but they put everything in the victim’s hands. From the sound of it, people still haven’t been justified in their reports. Its a sad fact but I don’t think they’ll help unless it makes them look good.


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