How I Met Your Mother

Premise: A story of a life journey of how a father’s many failed attempts at love finally lead him to the mother of his children.

Characters: Ted Mosby



Ted is a hopeless romantic who believes in destiny. He is a nerdy, architect who has a habit of falling in love hard and fast with many different women for many different reasons.


He believes that there is a reason for everything and a reason for why he’s here and he believes it is to love and be loved by one perfect person forever. 

Conflict: There are many conflicts throughout the series of the show but the major conflict comes from Ted’s conscious on 9 out of 10 episodes. Although his best friends may fight with him (physically and figuratively), the conflict of choosing or breaking up with a women always comes to a problem for Ted Mosby. A lot of other conflicts come when the girls he dates break up with him. Luckily, his 4 best friends always have his back- even if they were the ones who started the conflict in the first place.







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